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The Prince of Darkness has spawned 10,000 Crypto Demonz to fuel his conquest of the Ethereum blockchain and beyond… The first wave is known as “Spawn1”. Owning any of Satan’s initial Spawn1 Crypto Demonz NFTs will grant hodlers eternal access to the World’s First Video Game NFT Arcade Series!

Crypto Demonz Arcade Series will feature isometric & non-isometric 2D pixel games starting with solo-player Adventure/RPG, followed by Battle Royale, RPG & NPC Tower Wars, eventually morphing into RTS and MMORPG. By 2022 we plan to be integrated with 3D Unity game engine as a fully functional 3D play-to-earn game on the Ethereum network!

Owners of any Crypto Demonz will have exclusive benefits in the Arcade Series where they will play to win ETH rewards & compete for collectibles and spawnsorships! Other juicy member benefits will include Staking Rewards, Cryptocurrency & NFT Airdrops, Wearable Metaverse NFT Items, Skins & More!

Each Spawn1 Crypto Demonz NFT is worth .06 ETH at launch. All Crypto Demonz come with metadata including listed traits & percentile rarity scores for grading on the secondary market, although we suggest you don’t sell, and instead wait to sacrifice for more exclusive, powerful Crypto Demonz that wont be available to the public (more on Crypto Demonz deflationary design below).



Holders of Spawn1 NFTs will soon be able to Sacrifice (burn) their collectibles to Lillith for more powerful demonic Spawn2 & Spawn3 NFTs. They will also be able to battle inside the Crypto Demonz Arena for Lillith’s favor & ETH rewards. 

The most powerful Demonz in the Ether-World will be watching over your exploits. Play with strategy and strength to rank up & for the chance to be scouted by Lillith. Elite ETH Rewards, Custom Merch & Spawnsorships await the highest ranks in the Arena. 

Crypto Demonz deflationary nature works in the following way:

(3) Spawn1 Sacrifices = (1) Spawn2 NFT

(10) Spawn1 Sacrifices = (1) Spawn3 NFT

Only 1,000 Spawn2 & 500 Spawn3 editions will ever be created. If all evolved Crypto Demonz are minted through sacrifice, it will leave a total of just 2,000 Original Spawn1 in existence!

There will be 2,000 Spawn2 NFTs minted in total, 1,000 for Sacrifice Redemption and 1,000 to be sold by us on secondary market OpenSea/airdropped. We believe this deflationary function will drive up the floor price of Spawn1 NFTs on through the ceiling!

VideoGame nft


Satan has already started developing a Crypto Demonz Arcade Chamber, Crypt Casino & Battle Arena for Spawn1 Hodlers that will feature numerous immersive NFT Video Games where you will be able to play-to-earn ETH rewards. 

Next evolution of Crypto Demonz will be Spawn2 & Spawn3, already being cooked up in the fiery pits. The evolved forms of Crypto Demonz will be available through airdrops & sacrifices. The upgraded Spawn3 have NFT collections baked in as items that have their own rarity indexes and functionalities within the Arcade & Arena.


25% Minted

When 25% of Demonz sell out, Crypto Demonz NFTs will be airdropped to our early adopters and giveaway winners. We’ll heat up our Discord and Telegram social media management, which will include a brood of community managers and moderators to bring our Demonic family into the next fold of luxury! Crypto Demonz variant stats will also be listed on Rarity.Tools at this stage.

50% minted

When 50% of Demonz sell out, $25,000 ETH community pot will be funded to serve as payouts in the Arcade, Arena & Casino. Crypto Demonz merch line will drop, this will include hats, hoodies, t-shirts and soon wearable Metaverse NFTs (via Snapchat)!

75% minted

When 75% of Demonz sell out, an additional $50,000 ETH will be added to the community treasury. We will begin working on launching our own native ERC-20 token that will be airdropped, and also available as a staking reward for NFT holders. Word in the crypt is this will be a very valuable token with functionality both inside and outside the Game.

100% minted

When 100% of Demonz sell out, another $75,000 ETH will be added to the community treasury, bringing the grand total to $150,000 ETH. A new Roadmap will be created for the year ahead!

We will now whip the legions of Hell into a frenzy! All focus will be put on completing Crypto Demonz community assets like the Video Game Arcade, Casino, Battle Arena, Evolved NFTs & 3D Metaverse skins. 

There is much discussion about potential partnerships and future developments for Crypto Demonz. Our focus for now is launching and delivering on everything listed above. Our motto is to under-promise and over-deliver. We also don’t want to give away too much information because we’re WELL AWARE of how many copycats are popping up… There is only ONE Crypto Demonz, don’t be fooled. Always imitated, never duplicated.

The Ultimate Destiny of this project’s long term success will be determined by YOU, the Demonic Spawn! Together Demonz Strong…



Cthulhu has ensured all 10,000 Crypto Demonz are verifiably non-fungible and are stored as ERC-721 tokens within our smart contract. Spawning any Crypto Demonz NFT gives commercial rights for each individual Demon.

There is a 5% Royalty fee on all secondary sales which will be split 50/50 towards payouts to the Treasury/Team Wallets. Any commercial use of a Crypto Demonz NFT without the specific Owner’s consent shall be cursed by the Wrath of Cthulhu.



Welcome to Satan’s Arcade Chamber + Casino that will feature numerous play-to-earn 2D arcade games & demonic casino/card games. Eventually both the Casino & Arcade will merge with our upcoming native token!